Their busy lives centered on words whether spoken, written, or performed.  Some graded papers, some read, and others interpreted through dance movements or artistic strokes.  Whatever form they chose, they offered tiny glimpses into their lives as well as their individual world views.  They presented snippets of life in this vast universe by crafting words.  Word by word, they formed sentences.  The sentences became paragraphs, and they wished more than anything that others would read their words voraciously.  So this group of women with nothing yet everything in common gave thanks for the mysteries of life that bring people together.



“Reach far away from your body and gently lift your hips.”

I remained still.  How do I command my core to move without assistance from the extremities?  Should I blink my eyes like Jeannie and magically float?  I turned my head to the right and saw a few baffled like me, but most had lifted their hips high enough to sweep their hands beneath.  Allison saw my struggle.

“Press your arms and hands hard on the floor.  Dig in your heels.  Tighten your stomach.”

It worked!  It boiled down to my body’s teamwork.  That’s what my 100-word-group is all about.


Shades of beiges and grays added a spectacular dimension to the watery surroundings.  It seemed as if Zeus and his cronies had started a game of bocce.  I imagine them chiseling chunks from the Cordilleras; Zeus, reluctant to dirty his hands, probably used the magic of his scepter, and Prometheus, I’m certain, used his own brute power.  They must’ve flung boulders for hours in competitive sport, oblivious to nightfall.  Promises of returning the next day to continue.  Surely they forgot how they reached the island in the first place.  Most likely, though, the Taino gods shrouded it in fog, protecting the paradise from uncouth intruders.

Dress Rehearsal

Julia rested on the largest boulder.  Her legs dangled, toes disappearing into the swirling water.  The water felt cool, tempting her to dip in for a quick swim, but no.  Not today.  She had wrapped her hair in a tight do-rag to tame the frizzes.  She needed to look especially beautiful as tonight she’d finally meet his parents.  She intuited that with his mother’s blessing, Carlos would finally propose.  It was imperative nothing go wrong.  She closed her eyes.  She visualized tonight’s introductions, her posture and composure.  She imagined the river murmured Senora Julia Dominguez.  It had a nice ring.