Winter Rainbow

Streams of light managed to penetrate the hovering gray.  Soft and fluffy flakes drifted gently reflecting sun rays like a crystal chandelier gracing a formal dining room.  A stark contrast to this winter’s mix of ice and sleet.  I swept the Buick with the car brush and easily removed the thick layer of snow.  The yellow brush revealed the car’s Atlantic blue, and the vibrant color lifted the persistent gray hue.  A movement at the Evergreen caught my eye.  I looked up.  There a cardinal watched my movements; its head bobbed back and forth.  I was reminded of winter’s beauty.

Shoe on the Other Foot

The hunched woman sat at the bench.  It had been placed in front of the restaurant for the convenience of its patrons, but only she braved the bitter cold.  She conversed with all who entered and exited.  Some offered small talk in return, but her ragged appearance disconcerted most.  Kevin, though, toyed with her.  He gave her the award winning deadpan stare he developed through the years.  The longer he stared at her, the more she talked.  The more she talked, the longer he stared.  It frazzled his nerves that his vacuous stare did not faze her in the least.