Carnal Pleasures

Their mother rejected biblical names; therefore, there were no Marias or Johns in the brood of thirteen.  She felt blessed that in that pre-vaccination era only one child succumbed to childhood disease.  Her thirteen became twelve, an even number of six boys and six girls.  The girls led wholesome lives working hard and raising families, but the boys ascribed to their mother’s rejection of the bible and indulged in carnal pleasures, mistreating wives and children.  Little by little, diseases riddled their bodies.  While the sisters mourn the passing of yet another, the remaining brothers continue to drink their sorrows away.

City Life

She had felt vibrant as she danced and let her inhibitions down, but now as she walked toward her empty apartment loneliness grew within her belly.  She longed for the warmth of a lover’s breath.

A stranger fixing a flat must have seen the sadness in her eyes for he asked if she wanted to go for a cup of coffee.  She stumbled.  In her head she screamed YES!  She imagined his sweaty hands roaming her willing body and she smiled. Tempting, but she declined and wondered if fear would always get in the way of happiness, even if fleeting.

Fleeting Moments

The time has come to venture out of our nests and allow breezes to caress our hair.  Let’s allow our eyes to drink in the burgeoning beauty that lay fallow for so many months.  Greens have never been so green, and the yellows match the sun above.  Jasmines sweeten raw earth.  Let’s breathe in the sweet scents of new life.  Let us, yes, let us sing the praises of spring.  Let us sink into these pleasures for before we know it, our eyes will puff, our noses clog, and our hair swell sideways.  Let us revel before our bodies rebel.