A Re-examined Life

“See this card?” said the reader. “You will not be happy until you follow your True North.”

The jumbled words saddened Laura. Hers was a long life and every time she stumbled she changed direction. Could it be possible she lived a false happiness? Did the brave rolling with the punches block her true path? Was she ever on it to begin with? She stared at her liver-spotted hands, the hands that faithfully counted rosary beads. She needed to examine her core beliefs, set Christianity aside and explore reincarnation. Perhaps in her next life she would walk her True North.

A Perfect Form

He bears the type of washboard that men work hard to achieve and women long to press against.  Large hands convey protection, one holding the stone that set his people free from tyranny.  When a 25-year-old Michelangelo created this 11,000 lbs. specimen, he used no model or casting.  He chiseled away at a slab of marble until this perfect form he named David emerged.  David, the one who conquered Goliath.  The one that stood at Piazza della Signoria for centuries and is now housed at the Academy Gallery in Florence.  The one that five centuries later still mesmerizes its viewers.