A Small Sample of a True Hero

The enemy knew McCain came from a distinguished naval family and cajoled him to betray country for personal comforts.  He dug his heels and instead endured torture.  His moral compass served him well in life.  He experienced a momentary lapse, though, when he ran for president and allowed experts to persuade him to choose the palatable beauty as a running mate over the liberal Jew.  He quickly regretted the decision and swore never to steer from his convictions.  Therefore, when it counted the most for our country, he stood before fellow republicans and casted the deciding vote to uphold Obamacare.

A Friday Birthday

Her step had an extra pep. Fridays had that effect.  But this particular Friday offered more than just a step, it was more like a spring board.  She tried to contain the giddiness that oozed from every pore.  After all, it’s taboo to revel in other’s misfortune.  But the nasty boil at the head of the nation had festered long enough.  At long last, Humpty Trumpty’s posse had started to fall.  One by one.  It was just a matter of time before the head popped, draining the putridness that festered within.  At last, the stars had aligned on her birthday.

Summer Sounds

Heat forces us to shut windows tight blocking the sounds of summer nights, such as my husband’s gentle snore, cats yowling, nightingales’ songs, raccoons rustle, lively music from passing cars, and the distant toot from a crawling train. These sounds reassure me that life goes on as I drift off to sleep.  Windows shut, on the other hand, heighten mechanical sounds, such as the rhythmic ceiling fan with blades that dip ever so slightly every 100th spin, or the compressor sucking in stale air and pushing through cooled air.  In the artificial silence, unfortunately, my husband’s snores jolt me awake.

Summer Haze

A month zipped by with barely a trace of sweat. And now it is August. We pack so much expectation into long summer days by revealing our covered bodies, shielding our hair from the unforgiving humidity, and promising ourselves to maximize every minute.  The humidity thickens with each passing day and it rains.  Days, evenings.  When at work, when at home.  Our beach excursions are curtailed, our park plans rained on, and our daily routines continue.  Before we know it, summer did not change the behavior we are accustomed to.  Another summer slips through our days in a shimmery haze.