A Whole Hole

The body grieves when it loses a limb.  It aches for the hand that scratched the chin or the leg that jumped double-dutch.  These appendages do not grow like hair or nails.  Yet, the body functions without the whole.  It adapts to one leg.  It scratches with the other hand.  Vision readjusts to one eye, and if both eyes go missing, the other senses heighten.  The body is miraculous.  It adjusts to new circumstances, but the loss … The loss remains real.  So it is with death.  Life goes on but the gaping hole weeps for one more I Love You.

A Day At The Lake

Captain dug in the front and rear anchors, securing the pontoon in place. As soon as he gave two thumbs up, the gang jumped in.  All, that is, except Lily.  She hesitated.  The water was waist high and looked clean, yet she fixated on the lake’s boggy bottom.  She shuddered at the thought of dead sea life mixed in with sand filtering through her toes.  Seconds turned into minutes.  The sun continued to climb.  Soon beads of sweat dripped down her ears and cleavage.  The building sweat washed away the phobias.  She jumped in and welcomed the refreshingly cool water.

Lil Pete Not So Little Anymore

Lil Pete’s impish ways got him in trouble often.  He disrupted classmates, sassed teachers, and neglected schoolwork.  Teachers called frequently, “Mrs. Marrero, we must discuss your son.”  His exasperated mother bit her nails unable to get him to conform to a scholastic code of conduct, and as sure as grass is green, he refused a college education.  His mother feared he faced a bleak future.

Pete, not so little anymore, found his way at his own pace.  He is a hardworking, loving husband and father.  Yet the confines of a classroom haunt him.  Therefore, his wife homeschools their flourishing kids.

Summer Sweetness

Large black seeds filled the coral flesh of the watermelon. Its juicy scent made Lola’s mouth water.  A long time ago, her grandmother had picked an extra-large Calabaza from the squash garden.  The extraordinary Calabaza grew on a separate vine.  Imagine her grandmother’s surprise when she cut into soft flesh rather than Calabaza’s tough flesh.  A sweet treat for the entire family!

Lola pushed aside the black seeds. Most people prefer seedless watermelons, but Lola learned the morning of her grandmother’s discovery that watermelon with black seeds is sweeter and juicier than the seedless type.  Give her seeded any time.